Hey I’m Hannah! The explorer. Learning about people and their stories play a big part of my life. From presenting international news, making documentaries, blogging, and travelling, I can’t get enough of finding new ways of telling stories in a way that will attract audiences that are often misrepresented.

This site is a way to keep you updated with the gazilion things I’m currently up to; whether that’s working at the BBC, mentoring and setting up events for Pursue Your Passion, running a faith fellowship group, a Black British travel group, and my new project being We Are Black Journos!

“Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics.”




It’s been a pleasure working with Hannah, and I’m sure she’s enjoyed her time with BBC Focus on Africa radio – a very strong brand in broadcasting with a great team, revered across Africa. She swiftly fitted into the team, bringing with her a range of skills and ideas. Her passion, curiosity, creativity and bravery are evident.  She is a gifted journalist with hunger to tell the Africa story to audiences on the continent and beyond.

– Solomon Mugera, Director of Communication and External Relations at Africa Development Bank, former Regional Editor of BBC Africa.