How I marked 6 months in West Africa!

It has indeed been 6 months, wow! I’m grateful for so many reasons beyond comprehension. So much has happened, and I’m honestly so thankful for it all! The good, the bad, the ugly, the everything!


Have you watched my short TRAVEL FILM recapping the past six months? Click here! So much fun doing it!

So let’s get started.. in this detailed itinerary I will include details of flights, accommodation, and my favourite spots and recommendations.. feel free to comment below any further questions! Let’s go:

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What’s a strong-distance friendship?

A  strong-distance friendship is a term I didn’t coin, but randomly said to one of my close friends, Marija, who lives in Switzerland. I think whether you live far away from or in a different country to one of your friends or not, there will always be distance in our friendships:

  • Hectic schedules
  • Family
  • Work

…all seem to be the factors that widen the physical distance between my friends and I. However, that doesn’t in any way affect the friendship.

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4 vital things I learned travelling by myself

1. I love my own company.


I get stuff done, I don’t have to wait on anyone for anything, and the whole plan of the day is down to me and what I want to do; where I want to go, what I want to eat, and more. There’s a massive difference between being lonely; and being alone. Being alone made me feel empowered and independent. The more advanced our society is becoming, the more lonely a lot of millennials like myself are becoming, which is worrying. I decided to rebuke that and remind myself that time spent purely with myself sometimes can actually be very healthy.

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