What’s a strong-distance friendship?

A  strong-distance friendship is a term I didn’t coin, but randomly said to one of my close friends, Marija, who lives in Switzerland. I think whether you live far away from or in a different country to one of your friends or not, there will always be distance in our friendships:

  • Hectic schedules
  • Family
  • Work

…all seem to be the factors that widen the physical distance between my friends and I. However, that doesn’t in any way affect the friendship.


This is quite a relieving thing to say given the apparent fact you tend to meet a lot of temporary people in your 20s, as well as then discovering who your true friends actually are.


I visited a close friend of mine, Abi, who has lived abroad for over a year. Nothing has changed! And thats a rarity in friendships today. It’s a reminder that no matter where I am in the world, my people will always be my people!



My favourite types of visits are when travelling over to reunite with a familiar face, and what better company than with a strong-distance friend. It’s something I’d never anticipate having friends in different countries, but it’s definitely taught me a lot about how to truly check up on someone that you’re not in immediate close reach with.


No matter the distance, keep those friendships strong if they’re worth it!



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Thanks for reading!

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