My 7th trip of the year: madness in Mexico

A busy, fun and relaxing week well spent in the heart of the sizzling and very Spanish city turned out to be a week certainly learned!

Probably the worst bites I’ve encountered – those mosquitos were unruly! Thighs, wrists, legs, arms, FACE – woah.

Several things brought me to Mexico:

– my fascination of its history and ensuring that I constantly surround myself with locals.

⁃ my love for Spanish since learning it from the age of 14.

⁃ Carlos Santana Maria Maria Latina inspired music video which stomps over Wild Thoughts any day.

⁃ Completing my dream of spending my birthday on the beach!
Through the help of a well thought of itinerary I came up with, I saw so much of this country and enjoyed every moment – and also learned TONNES throughout this trip. Here are some ridiculously important tips:
1. Book every excursion with Viator. They are incredible. They provide excursions for good prices and are also flexible on dates! For example due to a late night out and waking up late, we missed our excursion to the famous Chichen Itza. I immediately emailed Viator and received a prompt reply informing us that we were able to reschedule our excursion to a few days later at no added cost. Booking any excursion with a reputable company is always a big plus!

2. Never put your phone on flight mode. I know we like to avoid roaming charges whilst travelling, what what chances of hope do you have if you lose it? My friend I travelled with lost her iPhone. 😦
3. Learn at least 5 phrases in a language of the country you’re visiting. I feel like this keen and selfless acts shows respect for the country, and can come in really handy when negotiating! For example, almost crashing our rented mini car in Isla Mujeres into a local taxi, and being demanded to pay 500 pesos by a police officer, which we eventually got down to 250 pesos (just under £11.00)

4. Be friendly with other tourists too. There’s no harm in saying hi back, especially if that leads to being paid for to go on an all day excursion which included zip lining over Cancun and driving in a car in the jungle! Okay, maybe not all other tourists, but we are super grateful to have connected with our cool Canadian friend, he just wanted someone to hang with! 🙂
5. Carry ID and a bank card everywhere. For every excursion I booked I always had to display my ID. And of course a bank card just incase. Some parts of Mexico were cheap, Cancun however is pricey! Revolut is your best bet for a bank card especially as you won’t be charged for transactions too!

I was blessed enough to spend my 24th birthday here, and would thoroughly recommend for any occasion!
My 20th country visit and 7th country visit in 2017. Thank you, Mexico.

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