3 simple reasons why I’ll never force my friends to support my work

  1.  Friends will naturally support you. Maybe not with EVERY blog post you write, but one in particular that they really enjoyed so decided to share. Not only does it show support, but it gives you an idea about something specific that they liked about your work. Not everything you do will appeal to your friends. Essentially, I think that’s why God gave us our friends, as friends! None of my close friends are journalists like myself, and I definitely understand why – opposites do tend to attract.

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9 reasons why it helps being a creative

1) You don’t see work as a 9-5, you work on projects you’re passionate about around the clock, and you utilise your 24 hours as much as Beyoncé does!

2) You’re selective with who you spend your time with, only the ones who help you to grow and keep a positive mindset are the ones worthy your time.

3) You connect with the most amazing individuals, whether on a professional basis or not.

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