9 reasons why it helps being a creative

1) You don’t see work as a 9-5, you work on projects you’re passionate about around the clock, and you utilise your 24 hours as much as Beyoncé does!

2) You’re selective with who you spend your time with, only the ones who help you to grow and keep a positive mindset are the ones worthy your time.

3) You connect with the most amazing individuals, whether on a professional basis or not.

4) You support and help start-ups in any way you can, as you know what it’s like building something from scratch.

5) Summer is one of your favourite times to socialise and meet other creatives across hot spots in the city.

6) You’re aware of the fact that life really begins at the end of your comfort zone, so you tend to take risks.

7) You try to use your passport as much as you use your oyster card!

8) You’re an open book, many people can speak and converse with you respectively about anything.

9) You can never be put in a box. You are awesome.

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