5 things that make Lagos better than LondonĀ 

I am indeed back in the motherland and probably my favourite city ever! 72 hours in the buzzing city of Lagos has showed me the many things London lacks in comparison to it:

1. The freedom to build a house from scratch and do whatever on earth you want with it. I met several people working entrepreneurial jobs and saw that having their own house and building it the they they wanted it to is a major achievement for them.

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Why I Love Eastenders so much

  • It’s on every weekday apart from hump day.
  • It’s literally been on my TV screen since I was in nappies
  • The story lines are a perfect representation of what goes on for people in their everyday lives. Today.
  • Everyone can relate to an issue covered, one way or another.
  • They have flipping brilliant actors and actresses.
  • They’ve won a number of awards each year so I guess the proof is in the pudding

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