5 things that make Lagos better than London 

I am indeed back in the motherland and probably my favourite city ever! 72 hours in the buzzing city of Lagos has showed me the many things London lacks in comparison to it:

1. The freedom to build a house from scratch and do whatever on earth you want with it. I met several people working entrepreneurial jobs and saw that having their own house and building it the they they wanted it to is a major achievement for them.

Housing in London is an ever-growing issue and talking point; knowing that there are people working really good jobs and can only afford to live in a shoe box makes no sense to me. Probably why I have no interest in buying in London – for now anyway.


2. The weather. Enough said.



3. The networks! I mean I guess it depends how further and far your future career path has the potential to take you, but as a journalist, I found it super refreshing knowing that people have literally moved from another side of the world to reside in Lagos and stay permanently in a good job. It’s much harder in London to stay secure in a particular job field – journalism definitely being one.

Taken at the WASH Gala event – an incredible initiative working towards providing clean water in sub Saharan Africa


4. The nightlife. Is unreal. 99% of the time free entry all night, cheaper, spacious, AND chicken on a BBQ grill all night! With the best DJ’s! Best of both worlds much?!

5. Transport. An average uber trip can be as little £1.00 (500-600 naira) – and £1.00 trip I took was a 5 mile journey. Impossible had it been in London!


In all honesty I really love both of my cities that do carry very similar attributes, but I guess all in all they can certainly both learn a lot of things from each other!
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