The time I took myself out on a date

It’s a big slice of liberation mixed with happiness and contentment. It’s been a week where I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my own company and funnily enough gotten to know myself a bit more than usual.

Productiveness is at the heart of everything I do – and laying back for a couple of hours in a movie theatre was due. I’d heard of people who like to take themselves on dates, but as well as respecting that, I just thought: surely these activities shouldn’t solely be enjoyed on a lonesome?! I late thought not.

Ride Along 2 made me feel like I was at home watching a comedy action movie on my big sofa. Except I didn’t have the distraction of my phone or mother calling after me. I laughed, smiled, and “oooo”‘d plenty of times. It was needed, and so worth it! Not one ounce of loneliness.

Remember there’s a huge difference between being alone, and lonely. Be thankful if you’re not the latter. Treat yourself, take yourself out. You’ll thank yourself later.

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