Levi Roots, thank you for reviving Caribbean dining

Caribbean food has always been on my top 10 of must eats. The flavours and special time made to prepare such delicious meals are much appreciated by people who prefer wholesome, home cooked meals.

Ackee and saltfish, fritters, patties, jerk chicken, curry goat, rice and peas; the lot!

However, The services when ordering and receiving the food is a different experience. I found myself having to often make a phone call whilst walking into my local Caribbean takeaway store, so that I seemed occupied whilst being greeted by the impatient workers.

“Wah yuh want?”


“Can I help?”

Each with aggressive facial expressions and no politeness at all…

This is no way paints a negative picture for Caribbean restaurants as a whole, but rather the need for better improved customer service and etiquette.

I flew to Barbados recently and didn’t pay much attention to customer service being such a tourist, then realised that since Barbados is such a popular tourist destination, the etiquette is bound to be better. And it was. By a mile stone.

People converse with you, tell you what they would recommend, ask where you’re from, if you’re enjoying your stay, and more. I thought I could only experience this in Barbados seeing as the 30+ degrees weather, white sandy beaches and scenery set the mood for many locals as well as business owners/workers.

Last week however, I didn’t have to fly thousands of miles to experience good customer service in a Caribbean restaurant! Based just outside of Stratford Westfield’s shopping centre, I ate at the founder of my all time favourite jerk sauce – the legend and millionaire that is Levi Roots.

I was greeted so warmly by smiles by all of the staff there – all from different backgrounds and professionally hard working. It made the dining experience a lot more enjoyable and memorable.

If you haven’t had the best dining experiences or customer service at Caribbean restaurants, try Levi Roots Caribbean smokehouse – you’ll change your mind.

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