How to make full use of your 24 hours

“I never have enough time to work on my projects”

“I haven’t seen my friends in ages”

“I never have time to look after myself”

“I’m tired”

These are common things I usually hear from people who don’t have enough time to do things; mostly due to work and other commitments. I’m often asked how I’m able to juggle a gazillion things at once, so here are the main things I ensure I do to fully utilise my days. Trust me, it works (well, for me!)…

Yes, sleep! Having a regular sleeping pattern and good nights sleep leaves you energised and pumped for the day, with less to moan and complain about. 6-7 hours sleep is all you need.


Exercise & drink more water
Fuelling your body is such a helpful routine and makes you more attentive. The water drinking tip is completely self explanatory.


“Choose your team carefully. So much of your success is due to the people who you surround yourself with. Your friends, your family, and the people that you work with — they all play an important role in inspiring you and supporting you and giving you stability. These are the people in your life who will be honest with you.” – Tom Ford

Be selective with people you hang out with.

Time spent with the wrong people isn’t only wasted time, but wasted energy. Spend time with people based on how they make you feel.


Stop piling up that to-do list making life even more tiresome. Do things as you go along in the time that you can. It may leave you feeling a bit exhausted after, but whilst multitasking my focus tends to be a lot sharper and quicker.


Stop saving your weekends for rest and sleep, that will mess up your sleeping pattern and therefore make your body more lazy. Catch up with that friend, try a new restaurant, go to a networking event, spend extra time with family.


T R E A T yourself for hard work

I don’t mean dinner for 1 at The Shard, but something to reward yourself for something you have accomplished. I like to treat myself by putting on my kaeso facial mask, having a lush bubble bath, watching one too many Dina Tokio and Jamie and Nikki YouTube clips, followed by a  Deliveroo order. Treats can be cheap – and are also a good way to utilise your time when you feel like you don’t have any for yourself.

Tidy up your room

Messy room = messy mind! You don’t want to return home after a long day to a pile of load. Sort it out.


And lastly, set goals for each week. I do this as often as I can. A spiritual goal, a financial goal, a professional goal, and a vision-based goal. Keeps you focused on the bigger picture even when you have loads of things going on. 

Try at least one of these! You’ll soon see the difference – I hope. 🙂

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