Spinning classes are for everyone!

Some of you may have read that I recently quit my gym membership in January, due to realising how much my body deserves – which is much more than a lazy gym membership.

Through a friend and model who happens to also now be an instructor at a high intensive and fitness workout, I then discovered the phenomenon that is Boom Cycle. Boom Cycle is the most fun, intense and buzzing spin class I’ve been to.


This isn’t indoor cycling, this is BOOM Cycling! BOOM Cycle specialises in dynamic classes in a friendly, high-energy and approachable environment. BOOM Cycle aims to empower the rider and provide support on their journey to fitness domination.

In this intimate and friendly morning class, we cycled – A LOT, at slow and fast paces, there was even a pleasant surprise of added weights adding to what felt like an overall refreshing and fun body exercise.


Sweated bucket loads and felt great after!

Some of the Many Benefits of Spinning Classes
  • Burn Calories
  • Improve Cardiovascular Health
  • Progress at Your Own Pace
  • Experience How Time Flies
  • Enjoy an Effective, Low Impact Workout
  • Achieve Toned, Shapely Legs (one of my main goals)
  • Lower Your Body’s Workout Breaking Point
  • Get a Great Abdominal workout.

Photo by: Food and Lycra



Photo by: Food and Lycra

Vibrant and perfectly fitted workout music, with low lighting to give you the more focus on your workout accompanied with a nightclub feel, and great energy all around. Spinning is for everyone – give it a go!

If you’re looking for a spinning studio in the Central London, BOOM Cycle is perfect. Find them at: 16 Procter St, WC1V 6NX and book classes here.

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