Why we should continue to reject negative black stereotypes. 

Recently I’ve seen people on social media – predominantly black males, using a campaign photo as a way to make jokes about the differentiation between skin tones on women of colour.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this. From making jokes about skin colour, to hair, to bodies, there always seems to be a public dig at black women at any chance possible.
I remember being told last summer that I was “insecure because I’m dark-skinned”. Of course it hurt. Of course I was more shocked at the fact that it was said directly to me. But I had a decision to make from this opinion. It came from the mouth of an ignorant and small-minded human being. All of these opinions do.


All graduates, all black women, all proud.

De La Fro speaks about this same twitter incident and constant bashing of black women, and so cleverly made a vital point:

We live in a world that has a long history of anti-black racism and objectifying, patriarchal sexism. Black people are frowned upon in not only European cultures but non-black people of color cultures too. Women have been made to be men’s foot stools, sex objects, and baby dispensers since the beginning of time. Being black and being a woman is not the move according to society.

We are beautiful.

We come in beautiful shades, shapes, sizes and (gorgeous) imperfections.
Let’s fuel this anger into positivity and continue to keep celebrating ourselves. The frustration of how black women are treated and objectified often shocks and even frightens me.


All different heritages, all beautiful.

I’m so happy to see SEVERAL examples of women who look like me, and are nowhere near what stereotypical internet trolls and small minded people would portray them as.
Check out these amazing women and how they reject negative stereotypes:


Time to celebrate US! 

6 thoughts on “Why we should continue to reject negative black stereotypes. 

  1. TiffanyAfia says:

    Great post! And yes, it is lovely to see black women from all shades embracing their blackness. Obviously these changes won’t happen immediately but nevertheless, there is some progress which is lovely to see 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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