5 ways millennials should be using their LinkedIn

I remember first getting LinkedIn after being advised to by my mentor. “What’s the point of it?” I thought. 3 years after having a LinkedIn and I’ve learnt so many important things about it..

If you Google search your name, LinkedIn is usually really high up, ranging within the first three search tools. Your personal brand should be treated like a brand, and here are tips on how to remain consistent and professional on one of the world’s most powerful networking sites:

1. Update your profile as often as you can; new job, a professional photo, past education, and what you’re currently up to. It shows that you’re organised and are keeping up to date with your work life.


2. Post your content! Super handy especially if you’re a blogger, journalist or writer. It will draw more people to your content and also works as an advantage for a future employer to see your portfolio.

3. Take your brand seriously. It has your name on it, and comes second in the Google search when someone looks for you online. Your image, your personality, and even your language need to be in sync with each other.
4. Connect with people especially if you’ve met them, and follow it up by popping along a message!

5. Follow organisations as well as people – the type of organisations that fit well within your career path as it also conveys your specific career-based interested.


Pulling a good network together takes effort, sincerity and time.

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