Why ‘beating my face’ is only for special occasions 

‘Beating’ one’s face is a term now commonly used by a lot of make-up artists:

Definition: When a Make Up Artist Goes to Work on Someone’s Face. Making them go From Plain Jane to Diva

Basically, the term make-up artist uses to say I’m going to put make-up on your face.

Client: My face needs some make-up

MUA: Let me Beat your face

My special occasion is usually for a wedding. It’s a day where we join together for the Union of a bride and groom. And look nice! There’s never not an excuse to look flawless in the hopes of finding my Johnny. Ha!
It’s also very flattering with the compliments you get!

“Did you go to a make-up artist?”

“Your highlight is amazing!”

“I love what you’re wearing”

I would never call myself a make-up artist at all, I only have YouTube to thank for that. YouTubers like Jackie Aina and watching videos Huda Beauty shares on her Instagram has taught me the most helpful make-up basics and how to have a flawless, dooey and CORRECT finish.

It’s a beautiful look and really enhances your features when done correctly, however my favourite face is the natural face God gifted me with.

These are the main points I continue to take into account when beating my face:

⁃ BLEND. Blend the foundation into your hairline, blend those eyelids, blend that contour. BLEND!

⁃ Do your eyes first. That’s eyebrows, lashes, liner and eyeshadow. These are the most time consuming things to do as they require a lot of concentration and will also help you to pay better attention to the rest of your face when blending your concealer, foundation and others.

⁃ Don’t over-do the highlight. It’s such a rich piece of make-up that instantly stands out so always ensure you’re applying it lightly. Read about how to apply highlight here.


⁃ Do your make-up in natural light! People will be looking at your face all day in all kinds of settings – indoor lights can be deceiving so always ensure you’re getting the best view of your face.

⁃ Ask questions and for advice! I love asking questions as it expands my understanding as to why this works best for my face. I’m always sending Snapchats of my face and asking random questions to my girl, Lauren. I love the way she does her make-up! Especially her lips.

Make-up stayed on perfectly and in place for 14 hours! Yes!

Below are my must have make-up items and my absolute FAVOURITES! Also, my flawless ‘beating of face’ look takes 20-30 minutes in total.



A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears.


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