Important things you learn about your friends in your 20s

They say you meet a lot of temporary people in your 20s. So many changes happen during your 20s; and the people you surround yourself with definitely play a part of this..

You become more selfless than you’d ever imagine. Their loss and sadness becomes your loss and sadness, and you try your hardest to take as much weight off their shoulders as possible.

You’ll often analyse your friends to see who’s really worth being a friend: “can I trust him/her with my life?”, “how up-to-date am I with their life?”

You make that extra effort and devote time. Sometimes whatsapp or messaging doesn’t always cut it despite your busy lifestyles, and nothing tops face to face interaction over lunch, dinner or drinks.

The years that you’ve known them do count. I remember continuously seeing a quote about it not mattering how many years you know someone – I disagree. When I think of my closest friends on my planet right now – I’ve known them for at least three (to fifteen) years. The years really do count!

They respect your views. Even if theirs are completely different to yours; you respect each other enough to know what you stand for.


If you care about them, you won’t intentionally say or do something that you know will upset them. Pointing out their insecurities being one. Some would call this “banter” – I don’t. Why intentionally say something to hurt someone if you initially knew it was going to upset them?

You won’t always know every single detail of their life straight away – and it’s okay. It doesn’t mean that they don’t trust you; everyone has their own personal battle – and the beautiful thing about friendship is that true friends are there for you during the bad times (even when unaware that you’re going through stuff) and uplift you.

Thank God for my friends! Random fact: five of my closest friends will all be bridesmaids at my wedding – and I’ve already told them ;).


One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

 ⁃ Proverbs 18:24

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