The real food of New York!

I have received so many food suggestions from people of places I must go to for food in New York. I had done my research before travelling so knew I’d be good – the last time I visited in 2014, food was definitely on my mind. But I was pretty open to a lot of choices.

I’d seen some photos online, but nothing compares to literally feeling like you’re in a hipster-styled restaurant Lagosian-styled restaurant serving authentic Nigerian food. Buka was more than just a Nigerian eatery – it was an experience!

Tantalising! Gorgeous flavours, glass Fanta bottles that I thought could only ever sold in Africa, and a joyous atmosphere making me fee like I was back in my parent’s original home in Ibadan.

Brooklyn in particular and the food it has to offer is amazing; so diverse and rich with flavour – there’s a restaurant for everybody!

And with that being said, here’s a few places you MUST try, when in Brooklyn


Pies N Thighs

Mighty Quinn’s

Sugar Factory

Lombardi’s pizza 


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