What I learned from going to four weddings back to back

I’ve noticed that I’ve barely been out to clubs etc this summer due to an insanely packed weekend schedule – and a block of four weddings, back to back, from morning till night. 

These four weddings have all been so special in their own ways, it’s been a blessing to be part of each day, and not in true Four Weddings style will I be judging each wedding out of 10 but rather, I’ll be making points of what key things I’ve learnt from each of them:

1) People will always be late. Especially in occasions with predominantly Africans. I can’t even defend this, sadly.

Let’s take wedding number 1. My face was beat, dress and heels on, clutch in hand and ready to go. I impatiently waited for my parents who didn’t have much to do except to get my nephews in the car with me.

Time was going and I felt a sudden urge to just take an uber rather than wait for my parents. I am SO glad I did! As I arrived at the church 15 minutes later, the bridal (and groom party) were outside waiting to go in.

For a wedding, that’s such an important start of the service for me. And I would have been fuming if I missed it! Thank God for quick thinking and uber!

2) Small and intimate invite lists for guests are achievable. No more fearing what this person or that person will think for not being invited, as it’s not about them. This day is for you and bae.


Wedding number 2 had a service of no more than 80 people. Set outdoors on a country club with gorgeous weather and live music, I then realised that you can make your wedding day to fit you in the best way possible. You can be your own wedding planner and have what you envisioned come to life!

I definitely saw that in the bride, Sindi, who I know quite well and even from her personality you can tell her class and style is something you will see radiated in everything she has her hands on!

The decor and setting was stunning.


3) Weddings are actually a perfect replacement for clubbing.

Not only is a wedding day a special Union blessed by God, but you can eat and drink merrily, then boogie on down after!

Wedding number 3 even had their own snapchat filter – cool much?

Not only was wedding number 3 on such a beautiful summer’s day with a great church service, the reception hall afterwards was perfect for the ultimate party night!

DJ Neptizzle blessed the dance floor with his presence and it’s safe to say every lady used her brain correctly by having a pair of flats!

4) A Nigerian occasion is an experience like no other.

Especially in traditional engagement settings. How nonchalantly aunties and uncles will take your parents seats that you’ve tried so hard to reserve for them, to the waiters that are hissed and clicked at every 0.5 seconds, to the photographer who legit has no clue what he’s doing.

I realise that apart from my immediate family whom I live with, I don’t have a strong Nigerian network elsewhere. So it was in fact a culture shock that I experienced, within my own culture!

The ceremony was very vibrant and filled with my mother tongue being Yoruba, followed by lots of food and dancing.
A very memorable and joyful four weddings – back to back. There’s definitely something I can take from each of these for when I start planning my own! 😉

I have found the one whom my soul loves.
- Song of Solomon 3:4

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