Help, I’m a journalist that can’t read..

..books. Hardbacks, novels, stories; I just can’t seem to finish reading a story-telling book.

I would forcibly buy books based on recommendations from friends, the book would immediately arrive in the post, I would open and admire the glossy front cover, have a read of the blurb, start..and then would barely make it to chapter 2 on the first go.
Laziness? Hardly! Lack of interest?

Nope! Interest is there, commitment to read a book, apart from the Bible, consistently is difficult for me.
Being an online journalist, I regularly read articles, bulletins, and watch documentaries and random stories every day.
I remember attending a talk hosted by motivational speaker Trent Shelton, advising us all to read as much as possible, as reading encourages growth.

A small part of my very random book collection


Now, growth is a super important word and process of life for me. Reading books isn’t the only way I can grow, but it’s something I want to start doing properly again.
I was given my first book by my brother at Christmas in 2011. It was Ugly by Constance Briscoe. I clinged onto that book reading it daily, and still remember what happened page by page till this day.

Meeting author Malorie Blackman and hearing about her journey encouraged me to get my reading mojo back


I want my reading mojo back!
Book club? Setting reminders? Get a kindle to make the idea of a hardback less daunting?
Anything! Please let me know of your best reading tips – I am determined to finish the stack of books that stay staring at me in my bedroom…

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