It’s been 2 years. Here are key things I’ve learnt so far..

I hear that it’s the world’s largest broadcasting corporation, reaching worldwide audiences and producing content around the clock, 365 days a year. You can imagine how pleasantly shocked and humbled I was to be able to have been gifted this opportunity only 2 weeks after graduating in 2014. Since then, I’ve learnt super key points that I’ve experienced over the past 2 years..

1. The star-struck feeling isn’t as big as it was when I started, but it’s still there. Chatting with Idris Elba in the studio, showing off your best American accent to Kimberly Wyatt, speaking in a lift to Tom Jones, having a massive hug from Lena Dunham, to getting a big kiss on the cheek from Simon Webbe. Nope, being star struck doesn’t rub off!

2. You still network. If you’re brave and confident enough, the idea of moving around such a big organisation doesn’t frighten you, it motivates you. I began sitting in on shows of interest just by sending an email. Whoever told you that you don’t have to network whilst working for the same company for a number of years, is a liar! Networking is key. Read more about why, here.


3. Work enemies? Who’s got that time for that? I haven’t been in a single argument or altercation with anyone that I’ve worked with. Of course, arrogant people (and idiots) do exist within any workplace. But rather than giving them the time of day, brush it off, keep your head held high, and keep doing you! If you can confide in someone trustworthy about an idiot at the workplace, do so.


After completing a week’s training with other trainees!

4. Being a black woman within this industry is still unfortunately rare. I sadly can’t name a black woman who is the equivalent of Mishal Hussain or Naga Munchetty. Soon though. I’m here to hopefully change that. I’m so thankful for the journey and hope to pave the way for younger girls who look like me, and hope to be in my footsteps one day. Looking at the photo of my mentees below who all want to work in broadcasting motivates me!

My mentees!

5. Opportunities are rarely given. You gotta go and take them! Yes. Even whilst working here! I expressed interest in doing some online presenting for BBC Trending, and was given the shot to do so. I expressed interest in Newsday by tweeting Alan Kasujja and ended up sacrificing a night’s sleep to see what Newsday was like, and featured on the show at 3am! I expressed interest in wanting to work at 100 Women, and am now a journalist sourcing the most creative and uplifting content to produce.


After co-presenting on Newsday, imagine starting at 11pm and finishing this time!

These 2 years have definitely ended up becoming part of my 5 year plan. I’ve never fully understood the concept of year planning life until now.
It’s been such a fruitful journey, and I thoroughly look forward to the rest of it!

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