What being without internet for a few days taught me

Gasping for the chance of wifi at every chance I could get, and not being able to fully utilise at work seeing as I come to work, to actually work, then turned into the choice to no longer care that I’d be going home after a long day to no internet. At first it was frustrating, but revealed many things about myself which was definitely food for thought and helped me realise some important things..

  •   I have a good relationship with my family. Even with normal access to the internet, I could easily find myself without my mobile phone for hours, as I’d be so caught up in good company and conversation.

  • My friends understand that I won’t always reply straight away. And that’s okay. They don’t take offence, and understand that just like them, I have a life that doesn’t revolve around my phone.
  •   I don’t need social media for self validation or updates. Only when and if I feel to post something, I will. It’s amazing to have that freedom!
  •   Netflix isn’t that deep. The series you’re dying to watch will always be there.

  • Reading is the best thing ever. Reading equals growth. I feared not too long ago that it would take a while for me to pick up the healthy habit of reading, but now I can’t seem to get enough of it!

Try it  – see the things you learn about yourselves without the luxury of addictive internet – and how it has big impact on our personal lives!

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