The 5 golden rules when flying alone

So whilst embarking on my sixth flight and holiday of the year, I, Hannah Ajala almost missed my flight! It’s a long story. But these are important tips I learnt and will forever ensure to keep them in mind for future.

  1. Have someone to hold you accountable so you keep organised. Even if they’re not travelling with you! Screenshot your flight details and make sure they’re checking you’re on track.

“Go through your check list with me of what you’ve packed”

“You’ve definitely taken your passport yes?”

“How soon until you reach the airport?”

“What time does the gate close?”


2. Do. Not. Travel. During. Rush. Hour. Very unpredictable! I’m so used to ridiculously early morning flights or occasionally on the earliest of afternoons. Give extra time when getting to the airport considering transport is slower at a time that people are racing to get home.



3. Take an adventurous book with you. It’ll keep you company and make time go by so quickly. I recommend my current read, The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison.

4. Make sure you have a light, and easy-to-close bag. Especially your hand luggage. When you’re constantly opening it to show your passport and separating your liquids at security, you need to be quick – especially in a fast queuing process. There won’t be anyone to quickly hold your belongings for you, so be organised! Backpacks are a big win!




5. Avoid using your phone a lot. Dead phone + being alone when you urgently need to use it = disaster.


Luckily I didn’t encounter too much drama in the prep towards flying alone. A few heart palpitations but I survived. I guess it’s my continuous habit of constantly ensuring that I’m at the airport at least an hour before flying, depending on the airline.




UPDATE: When flying back from Switzerland, my flight with Swiss Air was cancelled! I was initially livid as I wanted to be home Sunday night to relax and prep for work the next morning, but was instead put in a 4* hotel a stone throw away from the airport where I awaited an early morning flight, and ending up going from the airport straight to work. Not even concealer could save me!

Thanks for the unexpected last minute stay, Crowne Plaza hotel in Geneva!

It was only a very smooth and quick 1 hour 20 minute journey from London to Geneva and back – a friendly, clean and pretty city break. I very rarely fly alone – but when I do again in the future I will always remember these golden rules!


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