My beautiful connections of 2016

It’s been a very brilliant year for networking and meeting people from several areas of life through the most interesting circumstances. Social media has funnily enough become the driving force behind this and with that being said, here are some pretty amazing people I met this year that are doing awesome things that you should definitely check out.



I discovered Chimmy on her Instagram after seeing a few of her elaborate, eye-catching and down right entertaining captions. So eloquent, so much character and realness in relation to anything happening in the world from fashion to relationships and politics.

When I used to write for ic-free magazine, I contacted Chimmy in regards to an interview, which ended up turning into an inspiring chat about life, which then turned into a review of her first ever book, The Pinker Print.

She challenges stereotypes in so many ways and is such a boss lady! once you read her words, you’ll never want to take your finger down!518Vb3aztYL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg


I met Kashif at a networking event and immediately clicked with his enthusiasm and passion of filmmaking and media, as well as his brilliant ideas that he pushes out to the public.

He’s very independent in the sense that he sets his heart on something and ensures he gets it done. His independence and drive has honestly inspired me and it was even more of an honour being part of a docu-series he recently filmed and produced.


I can see him launching and founding a phenomenal and worldwide independent production company sharing stories that misrepresented people don’t get the chance to spread light on issues that matter.


I met Mo as I like to call him much earlier this year at a broadcast journalism course which lasted 2 weeks. This course came at such a much needed time. I was mentally in a rocky place before then and was so thankful to not only be put on a great course, but to have course mates such as Mo!

He came late to every class, never came with a notebook or bag, but one thing you would never question was his fantastic abilities as a journalist.
So lovely, funny, warm and hilarious. We’ve kept in touch since and I’m thankful for our friendship. He’s an awesome journalist, speaks 2+ languages and isn’t really ‘out there’ much in the social media world, but is a complete badass!



I had known of Oloni via Twitter, one of her most strongest platforms to date, and wondered what a day-to-day must be like for someone who thousands of people across the world share their most intimate details with.

Meeting her whilst working on a project at work revealed such a warm, kind-hearted and friendly character.

I respect her for how hard she has worked in developing her own brand, and how hard she’s working towards making the ‘birds and bees’ talk more normalised.

She’s also just released her latest eBook, Dear Oloni.

The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity.

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