The Africa they will never show you!

Many of my photo posts from Ghana are a good example when saying the phrase ‘the Africa they don’t show you’ – often I received quite strange questions and responses when speaking about my excitement to spend my Christmas holidays in Ghana.

“Do people speak English there?”
“Wow, there are beaches there?”
Seriously?! Ignorance is real. It was my second visit, and the week I spent in Accra, Ghana was spent purely exploring, enjoying and being reunited with beautiful and familiar faces.



I had made an itinerary prior to flying out (which is always a good idea before any trip) and here are a few of the places I visited that I would definitely recommend if you’re planning to visit Ghana!:


Villagio, Sky Bar: a classy bar with a stunning view of Accra, despite there being harmattan at the time, it was pleasant to spend my first evening in Accra there. The menu prices for cocktails were quite extortionate and very similar to London bar prices. Staff were super slow with bill/delivery of drinks, but the overall vibes of the bar were chilled.



Bojo beach. Charges 15 Ghana Cedis for entry which is £3.00. Includes a free boat ride to and from to beach which sits on its own gorgeous island. It was so empty when I visited which I loved, so I recommend going as early as possible to get as much sunshine and beach time! There’s a bar on the beach which serves good food and drinks (again also very reasonably priced).



Joker’s bar. Nice bar/club with reasonably priced cocktails and pool tables for entertainment. Great spot just to kick back, pre-drink and unwind. Cocktails range from 25 cedis (£5.00)

+233 Jazz Bar and grill. Ending my night here equalled to probably my favourite day ever in Accra! I still had energy after leaving my house at 5am to be a tourist for the day! This bar had one of the best live music performances I’ve experienced. Covers to my favourite afrobeats songs, accompanied with delicious cocktails and drinks served at our tables. A good night out here per person wouldn’t be more than about 20 to 30 cedis.






Kempinski hotel. Very nice hotel with a warm swimming pool and pretty views of Accra. It cost £16.00 to sunlounge and swim which is probably the most I paid for in Ghana; the rooftop of the hotel had a great vibe and it felt nice being able to relax, catch up with friends, drink, and chill there for the whole day.


I’ve mentioned costs of things for an important reason:

I spent £90.00 during the week I was in Ghana.

Here’s how…
People that are older than you and hosting you often pay for you. It’s not even Ghanaian etiquette, but rather African etiquette I believe (I experienced this also in Nigeria) the day I spent in Cape Coast was with a friend and her family – who paid for the whole trip!
My friend’s lovely uncle who escorted us on our touristy day had a full itinerary. It’s always super useful when doing an excursion with someone who knows the area well.

Travel was covered, tickets, food, snacks, everything! And this is normal. It’s courtesy, and it’s how people show kindness when they’re ‘looking after you’ for the day. My touristy day in Cape Coast and beyond could have potentially been my most expensive day of spending but I was covered for everything through the love of my friend’s family – so grateful!


Staying with a family is always a big plus! As long as you’re in the house then meals and refreshments are always covered.


Also, never get in that taxi unless you’ve agreed on a price you’re happy with (same with buying items in a market). Haggling was a daily norm for me and so beneficial!


There are many beautiful gems of Africa and Ghana was certainly one of them. Now, I’m sure I’ve convinced you to widen your search for holiday destinations! 😉


Ps. I’ve just finished planning ALL of my trips for 2017 and may just top last year’s number of visits – 7! *shock face*


“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”

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