How to succeed in a ‘can do’ attitude


So we’re super close to completing the first month of the year. It’s been a really ambitious start for many people, especially given the fact that 2016 wasn’t the best year, for a number of reasons.

Social media played a heavy part in expressing a huge wave of positivity and hope. I loved it. And believe it’s so important to match your goals, speeches, oaths, and promises that you’ve made to yourself in the start of a new year and chapter, with action.


It’s important to realise that although you’ve set certain goals you’d like to achieve, there still will be moments of uncertainty, worry, bad news, and doubt. The real question we need to ask ourselves is: how will we face the storm? Will we stumble? Will we run away? Or will we stand strong? This is what will really define the person you are – the attitude you have, and how you carry it:


  • JUST DO IT! Procrastination feeds into guilt and a nonchalant attitude which will eventually make you feel crappy about yourself. Send that email already, wake up a few minutes earlier than your alarm clock. Do what needs to be done!



  • Get rid of the noise. Self-doubt stems from several areas. Iffy friendships with people you’re unsure you can be yourself around or express yourself to is a common example and reason as to why many feel like they can’t adopt this attitude. The company you keep can do so much to you!




  • Find your therapy.With all your goals and resolutions, of course it’s going to get overwhelming and tiring! Find the place where you can be at peace. Mine is definitely church, or having a spotify chill session, or catching up with a friend over dinner. Downtime is crucial – and sleep!


“I do not believe in taking the right decision, I take a decision and make it right.”

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