The most expensive city break!

I had done bits of research into a part of Europe I’d never visited before, but heard so many great things about Stockholm, as well as many other parts of Sweden.

On a city break, I usually take £150-£200 which lasts me the 48-72 hours I usually spend there. For Stockholm, the spending money I brought was cutting it finely!

Transport is expensive – more expensive than London! You’re better off getting an uber. Uber comes in super handy especially as it’s coming out of your bank account and you don’t dip into your spending money.


However, transport in Stockholm is very efficient. Our hotel wasn’t too far from T-Centralen, which is a very central part of Stockholm with free museums, lots of high street store shops, and restaurants.


Our hotel was probably the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed at on a city break. Park Inn by Radisson in Stockholm definitely deserves the 5 stars from me!


The lovely views from our hotel room, being close to restaurants and supermarkets, the free use of gym facilities and the sauna, not to mention our room coming with breakfast definitely added to an enjoyable city break experience.


Stockholm is super cold whether-wise, but that didn’t stop us from exploring the beauty of the city.


The city is really cosmopolitan and multicultural with very friendly locals and staff; so you immediately feel comfortable and welcomed.


The icing on the cake as well as the delicious cakes we consumed (above), was seeing Drake in concert at Ericsson Globe. Great view and a great atmosphere in general.

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