My favourite place in the world 

“What’s your favourite country visit?” is often a hard question to answer. I’ve just returned from the glorious motherland, my parents’ original home, and experienced it in the best way I could imagine.

It’s refreshing knowing that through my social media accounts, I was able to change ignorant minds and thoughts about Nigeria.

The government is a bit of a shambles at the moment, currency isn’t amazing, and of course, in a country with a population of over 180 million people, would there be corruption operating in (some) areas. But not all. Knowledge is power!

From the city to networking events to the village, it truly felt like home being able to see so much of it in such a short space of time. I reconnected with brilliant people living in Nigeria, and couldn’t help but imagine what life would be like living there.

Tarkway Bay beach

Reconnecting with a very good family friend brother doing great things! Opy Onas

One of my favourite live dancers! Soliat Bada and I in the best club in Lagos!

The most gorgeous gallery with so many lovely pieces!

At a gorgeous hotel with amazing staff and outdoor pool!

At The Wheatbaker for such an informative and inspiring event.

‘Pure water’

At the University of Ibadan Zoological garden

And last but not least, a very big part of this trip was about a woman I care for so dearly and decided to film for something I’m working on! ::

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