4 vital things I learned travelling by myself

1. I love my own company.


I get stuff done, I don’t have to wait on anyone for anything, and the whole plan of the day is down to me and what I want to do; where I want to go, what I want to eat, and more. There’s a massive difference between being lonely; and being alone. Being alone made me feel empowered and independent. The more advanced our society is becoming, the more lonely a lot of millennials like myself are becoming, which is worrying. I decided to rebuke that and remind myself that time spent purely with myself sometimes can actually be very healthy.



2. I appreciate the littlest of things.


I believe this is simply because it’s just you, yourself, and you. Having no one to distract you and being in healthy silence helps you to appreciate the things right in front of you. Health, happiness, maturity; and growth.




3. The true meaning of self care.

Someone asked me last month why I travel so much, then proceeded to ask me “don’t you have any responsibilities?” Laughing My Ass Off – No, I don’t. I don’t have a job, I don’t pay bills, I don’t run several social media accounts, a start-up business, not a youth leader at my church, don’t run a ladies fellowship group either – rather, I stay at home every single day and money magically falls into my account (kisses teeth).

As an amazing creative friend of mine called Almass said:

Breaks are healthy. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for taking a holiday/having some self care. No one else is going to look after your mind and body. those late nights and long shifts are necessary. How do you expect to constantly output if you won’t put in to your creativity? Work hard and recoup even harder. If we don’t enjoy life, what’s the point?


4. I take risks!


The fact that I was able to take myself away to somewhere I’ve never been to before, and immerse myself in unfamiliar surroundings showed that I am a lot more fearless than I think. I had slight doubts just before going about how much I would make out of the trip, but I can honestly say that travelling by myself to the beautiful South of France exceeded my expectations!




More tips and info about my trip, costs, and more can be found on my Instagram travel page, hanajatravels.

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