13 reasons why I travelled 13 times last year

So last year was certainly the year I went a bit crazy with getaways – but each experience has a number of memories I’ll hold onto for a lifetime. I’ve written specifically about how to afford going away every other month as I did in 2016 (click here to read) but below are 13 reasons/ways which lead me to going away on 13 trips in 2017 and where I went:

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4 vital things I learned travelling by myself

1. I love my own company.


I get stuff done, I don’t have to wait on anyone for anything, and the whole plan of the day is down to me and what I want to do; where I want to go, what I want to eat, and more. There’s a massive difference between being lonely; and being alone. Being alone made me feel empowered and independent. The more advanced our society is becoming, the more lonely a lot of millennials like myself are becoming, which is worrying. I decided to rebuke that and remind myself that time spent purely with myself sometimes can actually be very healthy.

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7 common misconceptions people have about travellers

1. We get loads of time off work.

No we don’t. We get the same 19 (28, including bank holidays in the UK) holiday days that you do. We don’t take days off for doctors appointments, we savour our holiday days for actual h o l i d a y s.

2. We have loads of money.

Nope, even my friends that don’t travel as much as I do make more money than me. I save here and there and decide if some of my pay goes towards a holiday.

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