7 common misconceptions people have about travellers

1. We get loads of time off work.

No we don’t. We get the same 19 (28, including bank holidays in the UK) holiday days that you do. We don’t take days off for doctors appointments, we savour our holiday days for actual h o l i d a y s.

2. We have loads of money.

Nope, even my friends that don’t travel as much as I do make more money than me. I save here and there and decide if some of my pay goes towards a holiday.

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Hannah’s Travels

I’ve recently been feeling a lot of wanderlust, and I’ve been fortunate to visit, explore and engross myself in several countries; some of which I will write about here.

I decided to take a leap of faith during some of my country visits, and make documentaries which conveys the journalist I am and stories I like to investigate when not in my usual surroundings: