7 common misconceptions people have about travellers

1. We get loads of time off work.

No we don’t. We get the same 19 (28, including bank holidays in the UK) holiday days that you do. We don’t take days off for doctors appointments, we savour our holiday days for actual h o l i d a y s.

2. We have loads of money.

Nope, even my friends that don’t travel as much as I do make more money than me. I save here and there and decide if some of my pay goes towards a holiday.

3. We would go on holiday with anyone.

Never! I’m very selective with who I travel with. Quite often it’s people that I’ve travelled with before or meshed with very well. Secret: I feel much more comfortable travelling with someone after knowing my mum has met and know them.

4. We spend a lot of money on each holiday.

No. The most I’ve spent on a holiday was 8 days in Barbados (£650) and the least was 2 days in Malta (£55). I’m really good at finding appropriate deals depending on the country or time of the year.  Skyscanner and booking.com are my favourites when booking holidays. Also, I’ve booked a return ticket from Barcelona to London, for £8! Ryanair is a lifesaver.


5. We don’t have priorities in order.

YES WE DO! Part of planning my crazy London-living and working schedule still commences whilst on holiday, I just don’t absorb it as much, purely because one of my main reasons for travelling is to momentarily escape the London way of life, but I still have in mind what I’m doing and on what day; when I return back to London.

6. We stay in the most expensive hotels.

Incorrect! I’ve stayed in the most loveliest £11-a-night hostel in Barcelona and loved it (private bathroom included) and have stayed in a more classy hotel in Cyprus – still at a reasonable price as I went there during dry season.


7. We get bored of travelling.

Never! Honestly, life is to be travelled, it’s taught me so much about how I see people, how much I love exploring and experiencing new things, and how much it moulds the journalist I am today with my never ending story-telling.
Long live travelling!

Below are a random few of my country visits and things you must try to do when visiting:


Visit Las Ramblas every day

Enjoy a night out of non-stop dancing at Jamboree

Stay at a hostel in Barcelona, you will meet so many awesome people from all over the world!


Go on a Mount Gay rum tour

Visit Oistins on Friday nights for the best street and BBQ food with live music

Swim with turtles


Have the best Greek food in the world at Dias Zeus


Go on a jeep safari excursion

Visit Gold Souk

If travelling with family, stay at Golden Sands Hotel


Ferry tour of the whole of Malta

Eat and drink at Fresco’s

Have the best spa evening at Le Meridian Hotel




“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

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