The power of Twitter 

Anyone that knows me personally knows how much of a huge networker I am! It’s time to start blogging more about these inspiring events I regularly go to.

I visited Twitter HQ in London, only a short distance from work, and didn’t think I’d get so much out of a meeting.

Twitter is something you can make your own. You are free to share, express and simply be yourself.

The panel consisted of journalists now turned market researchers and more – such as senior director of media partnerships – Lewis Wiltshire, and now looking at ways to reach out to more audiences and understand their way of how they use one of the most popular social media sites in the world right now.

You stand out for a reason. Use that to your advantage. Twitter is a universal platform used by millions of users worldwide; the people working for Twitter have to be representative of our audience demographic.

 As an avid social media user it’s refreshing being able to be at such world-renown and exciting organisations that are always open to trying out new things; I definitely took note to see how I can incorporate my knowledge and use of social media into my own job at BBC current affairs!

Super inspiring. Super informative. Super Twitter!

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