5 things to do once realising you’re depressed

1. Accept that it’s there – but rather than digging a deeper hole, pay attention to the (good) things that get your mind off it, and invest more into the good things.
2. Tell someone you’re not extremely close to.

People you’re close to would often be in denial, as they “know you so well” and have probably “known you for years” so would find it hard to believe.

3. Forcibly surround yourself with SO much positivity and therapeutic activities; quotes on your wall, daily devotionals, and meditation.

4. Avoid routine. Depression sufferers often repeat the same Groundhog Day routine, making every daily activity mundane and worthless. Pick up a new sport, bake something new, take long walks, nap LESS.

5. Seek professional help – but know that another human diagnosing you with something isn’t the be all and end all. You are more than a diagnosis.

: this post in no way acts as a step to step guide of how you should deal with depression, seeing as it does vary in several ways. It’s general advice that people around me found comforting when feeling at very low point in life.

You are loved. You are blessed beyond measure. This isn’t the end.


I love speaking to people and giving advice, don’t ever hesitate to message me on here! X

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