What kind of journalist am I?

It’s a question I’ve been asking myself since the start of this year. I’m entering my third year of working in broadcasting full time, and must say; what an incredible journey it’s been! From having 6am starts, to all-nighters, to hours too long to even classify as overtime.

Through all of these experiences working on a range of different programmes and shows, I’ve learnt to know and love what is for me. And the fact that there is something for me is surprising – and relieving – as I find that not everyone who works in broadcasting hasn’t explored it enough to know what exactly is for them – to then further discover what kind of journalist they are. 

Below are different parts of broadcasting I’ve worked in:

  • Fast paced, breaking news


  • Online and social media news



  • Specialised long form projects


  • TV


These are often the main ones you’ll come across, and to be honest what made me realise which one was for me, was identifying the one that genuinely didn’t feel like work. 

It’s specialised long form projects!

Projects such as 100 Women and The Expert Women Programme is really hands on but the type of work I love to do as I am a very independent worker and always in control of the work I produce. 


Pros: creative control, able to always pitch and produce ideas, team work an liaising with other teams, recognition, good reception from readers and viewers. 

Cons: long hours, high stress levels due to constantly being a perfectionist with your work, and not much time for yourself. 

With every job there’s always a high and a low, but what really matters is how your job constantly strengthens and uplifts you – your character, growth and work ethic!

So yes, in case you wondered, this is the kind of journalist I am, and if anything it’s more self realisation, for you reading this; and for myself.

“I believe in knowing who you are but without limiting yourself to your own expectation of who you are.”

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