Women of today who inspire me

In celebration of international women’s day and pretty much every day, I feel so privileged to be surrounded by, be friends with, and know of women doing remarkably well in their line of work, are inspiring, hard working, and someone I’m genuinely glad to know, and who you should get to know about! :

Taylor Dior-Rumble

Taylor challenges so many stereotypes through her work, and is unapologetically one of the  sweetest most hard-working young journalists I’ve met! She started as an apprentice at the BBC where I met her and immediately felt to take her (and Maisie) under my wing and give shed loads of advice to, not that she/they needed much of it anyway! Seeing her grow from strength to strength and producing content that she’s genuinely passionate about makes me happy!

She has radio experience as well as being an excellent writer – I see that she’s now a fashion intern at ELLE?! I’m so here for it. Check out some of her recent work, here.



Whitney Q

I met Whitney whilst working at East London Radio 3 years ago and immediately warmed to her positive attitude, love for life and having a good time, travelling, blogging; the list goes on. She’s always so positive and runs her own business selling beautifully hand-made Ghanaian material printed earrings. I’ve always been a bit nervous to run a business but she’s definitely inspired me to consider it one day. Check out Beautella Boutique’s gorgeous earrings here.



Bola Sol

Not only are Bola’s tweets insanely inspiring, but she also runs a talk show addressing several issues young black women like myself often question and think about. Representation is important and it’s a blessing to see such a beautiful woman own it in such a diligent way. She also runs a finance blog which is definitely worth checking out.



Seren Jones

Seren is a Welsh-Zimbabwean journalist and one of the most sweetest souls you’ll meet. Her work ethic is admirable and being able to work on the same team with her is also an added bonus. Our friend/workship is proof that there IS ROOM for every young woman of colour to succeed in the same industry.



Doyin Sogbesan

The power of “sliding in the DM” on twitter! I run a travel Instagram page and found Doyin through it, found her content super interesting and asked to meet up! Something I very rarely do unless it’s a journo request haha. Through a brief conversation we decided to launch BB Travel Meet Up. One of the best decisions ever. Doyin is RIDONCULOUSLY driven, passionate, free and full of so much faith and wisdom. Beyond honoured to be working alongside her on such an enjoyable passion project.



I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.

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