13 reasons why I travelled 13 times last year

So last year was certainly the year I went a bit crazy with getaways – but each experience has a number of memories I’ll hold onto for a lifetime. I’ve written specifically about how to afford going away every other month as I did in 2016 (click here to read) but below are 13 reasons/ways which lead me to going away on 13 trips in 2017 and where I went:


1) Being hosted.

In Ghana I stayed with family friends which already urged my interest in going and escaping a British Winter. Being hosted when travelling immediately increases your budget as you don’t have to pay for accommodation. It also helped feeling incredibly comfortable and welcomed in as if they were my own family. I stayed in the buzzing city of Accra in a calm neighbourhood called Santa Maria.




2) Seeing familiar faces.

My parents spend a lot of time in Nigeria, so being able to hop over there with my Nigerian passport is one of the best feelings that comes with travelling there. I usually split my time in Nigeria between Lagos and Ibadan, and I love having close-knit connections in both cities, whether that be spending time with family or friends.


3) A concert

Because why not add another highlight to a getaway by experiencing live music by one of your fave artists? That was Stockholm – one of the most friendliest city breaks that I definitely look forward to revisiting again, but in the Summer. Drake is such an excellent performer and the concert vibe was way more relaxed and less hectic, as I’d imagine to be the opposite had it been in London.



4) Visiting a friend

Any close friend of mine who has relocated to another country is definitely a friend I’ll visit. My fluent Spanish speaking friend Abi moved to the South of Spain and as well as hearing about all of her exciting stories, I looked forward to experiencing them in person. I felt at so much ease knowing the best bars and restaurants and places to see through her recommendations and experiences whilst living there. Refreshing trip!


5) A surprise trip

I’d made friends with Glory via my travel instagram page; next thing I know I’m being flown out to Paris to join her and explore for a few days. I was so well looked after and had a blast in one of the most beautiful cities ever! I’m so grateful for the people I’ve met through Instagram.


6) A birthdaayyyy 

Now a birthday is by far the best excuse to use to travel – more life, more blessings; more stamps in the passport! I travelled to Mexico with my bestie and can’t get over how much of it we got to see, explore, and live through. Countless of mosquito bites and the first time ever feeling truly intoxicated due to the craziest largest cocktails I’ve ever had in my life. Beautiful views, islands, bucket list moments; the list goes on.


7) A festival

The music festival vibes abroad are SO refreshing, ugh. Encore festival in Amsterdam was pure bliss. Featuring some of my favourite artists and embracing several different cultures, I truly felt at home and was filled and surrounded by pure positive vibes.


8) Girls trip

Because when are we never not in need of one! The girls, unlimited wine, giggles, make-up, music, and fancy taxis. That’s what the South of France with them was like. We stayed in insanely expensive Monaco, and visited the beyond gorgeous Nice. There was never a dull moment and I can’t wait for another girly trip!



9) Work

In my fave place – Nigeria! I visited and worked with a partner station and loved it. Built contacts too as well as time with family in Ibadan and friends in Lagos. A well enjoyed work/chill trip.



Because I have a stratchy map on my wall where I mark off new destination visits, and love Drake. Ok not just that – but who would ever say no to Canada? It also helped that my brother was living there at the time, in the most central part of Toronto too. I also had a few friends living there who I hung out with, and got to tick off another bucket list by visiting Niagara Falls! Can’t wait to get back to the wonderful six!



12) Reunion

I have a close friend who lives in a different country to me, and each year we see each other. I usually visit her in Switzerland where she lives, but we decided to make it different and went to Lisbon, Portugal instead. Listen – I fell in LOVE with Lisbon. Gosh what a beautiful magical stunning and warm city, in November! Everything about that place makes me happy. Perfect trip.


13) Wedding

Now I love weddings, but a destination wedding? Sign me up! I was invited to one in Ghana by a close family friend and even bumped into a few mutuals there too! Also went for work purposes to do an interview with Mr Eazi. Ghana never disappoints – also I went in December, so sleep was VERY MINIMAL. Way too much enjoyment.


“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”



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