25 things I learned before turning 25

As my favorite month of the year draws to a close, I love to reflect on key things I’ve learned before what I can only describe as such a remarkable age to celebrate. It may not be a big age  for some, but it certainly has been for me! I’ve had the best year so far, and sometimes feel bad for it, but I shouldn’t.

Anyway, here goes it:

  1. I genuinely really do care about my health, for starters, I haven’t consumed any McDonald’s foods this year.
  2. I’m getting my life before I become somebody’s wife. Self-explanatory.
  3. Travelling is a form of self care and discovery.
  4. I’ll never stop capturing memories to look back on later.
  5. Having different and non-mutual friendship groups is refreshing.
  6. Looking after myself should always be a priority.
  7. Sleep IS good.
  8. Knowing the difference between an associate and a friend is a major key.
  9. Networking is good and pretty much my life, but I’ll never beg for a connection.
  10. Sing it with me, I CAN’T COME AND KILL MYSELF! Never! Life is too short to stress over things you won’t care about in five minutes.
  11. Driving and swimming should be skills that one should finesse in their twenties.
  12. I love spending time by myself and enjoy quiet moments to reflect.
  13. If you don’t truly love yourself first, how can you expect someone else to so quickly?
  14. Make a little more effort with the people you don’t get to see so often.
  15. Repeating outfits is the best way to save money, and slay in different looks.
  16. Don’t ever feel embarrassed or too shy to embrace your weirdness/uniqueness.
  17. I’m allowed to cancel plans to rest.
  18. I genuinely don’t like being on my phone a lot.
  19. My job(s) aren’t my life, it shouldn’t be anyone’s!
  20. To have a side hustle requires so much patience, strength, and typing.IMG_2118.jpg
  21. Crying is therapeutic!
  22. Protect your energy at all costs.
  23. Not every event you must attend.
  24. Read more, like an actual hardback book!
  25. Speak good things into existence, and don’t stop working towards it.




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