How to master ‘Me Time’

We’re all busy let’s face it. But what I love seeing lately on social media has been the constant promotion and awareness of self-care. Mental health is a constant talking point and often the most “Busiest people tend to be the most loneliest. Here’s how I love to look after me to avoid feeling crappy and how I constantly like to re-energise:

Flight mode.

And that’s not just for when you’re physically on a flight! Taking time out from the millions of technological distractions surrounding us is healthy. Spending too much time on my phone screens almost disconnected me with my love of reading books, and sometimes gave me headaches. I use flight mode to actually read off physical things. Nothing feels nicer than flicking through pages of a book. Whatever you choose to do whilst on flight mode, aim to make it tech-free. Even for an hour. Watch the difference.

2. Consider a solo trip.

It’s one of the best and most liberating feelings that I honestly can’t wait to experience again! I speak about the main things I learned solo travelling here, but can honestly say that travelling by myself is one of the most pleasurable things that come with self care. You learn so much about the type of person you are. Plus, if you’re UK-based like me, certain times of the year to travel can be CRAZY cheap! I’m solo travelling next month in Europe and flights with Ryanair were £30 for 3 nights!

3. Cut out the noise. Stop distracting yourself with meaningless things that don’t help, enthuse or edify you.

4. Stop comparing your life with the things you see on social media. It’s something we all regularly invest in and scroll through, but it’s saddening knowing that it can change your attitude or mood based on a few words and a photo. Not a lot of people broadcast their personal problems online, but understand that everyone has them. Focus on your journey and flourish boo!

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