I took my first train ride of 2021.. in Nigeria!

… and I say this from the perspective of a travel lover and explorer, who has devoted the past couple of years to travelling up to 8 West African countries.

But of course, as tweets accumulate thousands of likes like mine did, comes with a lot of ignorance and lack of education, especially when it comes to this side of the world.

ANYWAY – silence is the best answer to a fool. But of course I will share below ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about boarding the latest trains leaving Lagos, and heading to Ibadan.

How often do the trains run?

Everyday unless it’s a public holiday. On weekends there are only 2 trains – an 08:30am train, and a 4.30pm train.

I went on a Saturday, showing up 20 minutes before train departure. On weekdays, there are more frequent departures. In order to be sure about departure times around the particular time you want to go, I’d probably suggest calling the station of departure (I mention names of stations below)

How much is a ticket?

First class – N6000

Business class – N5000

Standard class – N2500

Is it a smooth process getting through?

Super smooth. It’s like boarding any other train. Line up, pay for your ticket, board train and find your seat number.

As for the actual journey, it’s very smooth. The train tracks were more than fine, stopped at the next station for a reasonable amount of time before setting off for the next stop.

What’s the actual train like?

Calm! Very chilled and relaxed. It’s quite clean, spacious, and has very clean toilets on board too. I was also really impressed with the plug sockets and USB ports for use also. I felt really relaxed throughout and even had a cheeky nap.

How long is the journey?

Lagos to Ibadan – 2.5 hours. If you’re going to Abeokuta, which is a stop just before Ibadan, then it’s about 2 hours.

Where is it?

When leaving from Lagos, it’s Mobolaji Johnson Station that you’re looking for. It’s in Ebute Metta, Lagos State. Enter those details in Uber, Bolt, or ask around. When arriving at Ibadan, Chief Obafemi Awolowo Station, Moniya, the surrounding area around the train is kind of under construction at the moment, and in the middle of somewhere that looks like nowhere. From there, you can grab various modes of transport to enter the city.

Would you take the train again?

Absolutely. My family home is in Ibadan, and I go to Ibadan every month. I would save so much money as I usually take a car for about N10,009!

Overall, I’m glad that I got to experience something to tell you that it was … normal. Lol. My tweet simply posting photos of my excitement to get on a train for the first time this year – has sparked very interesting thoughts, opinions, and trolls.


• BRING CASH. It’s a cash only system to buy tickets for now.

• like you would for any train; arrive early to avoid missing your train.

• see blog posts like this for a strong reason to 1) challenge your ignorance and 2) explore and enjoy the beauty that lies within Nigeria!

Take from it what you will. But I’ll remain as the optimist I am – and say that this is a great thing to come out of Nigeria, and I thoroughly hope for more.

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3 thoughts on “I took my first train ride of 2021.. in Nigeria!

  1. Adejumoke says:

    The train ride itself was smooth but it was a long walk from the ticketing booth to the train. I travelled from Lagos to ibadan on a sunny afternoon and had to carry my box because I couldn’t drag on the gravel floor. It looked like a short walk but it was hectic.
    It was thesame story at the ibadan station which had a muddy ground.
    However, I believe it would get better once the construction is completed. For the time being, I only recommend the train for people traveling light.


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