How to deal with rejection

  • Congratulate yourself. Yes, give yourself a pat on the back for even having the courage, strength and tenacity to go for it in the first place.
  • Give yourself a specific amount of time to get upset about it before fully moving on. Now, time is a human factor, and we can either waste or utilise it. See below of how Beyoncé deals with rejection:

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How to make full use of your 24 hours

“I never have enough time to work on my projects”

“I haven’t seen my friends in ages”

“I never have time to look after myself”

“I’m tired”

These are common things I usually hear from people who don’t have enough time to do things; mostly due to work and other commitments. I’m often asked how I’m able to juggle a gazillion things at once, so here are the main things I ensure I do to fully utilise my days. Trust me, it works (well, for me!)…

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Spinning classes are for everyone!

Some of you may have read that I recently quit my gym membership in January, due to realising how much my body deserves – which is much more than a lazy gym membership.

Through a friend and model who happens to also now be an instructor at a high intensive and fitness workout, I then discovered the phenomenon that is Boom Cycle. Boom Cycle is the most fun, intense and buzzing spin class I’ve been to.

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The power of Twitter 

Anyone that knows me personally knows how much of a huge networker I am! It’s time to start blogging more about these inspiring events I regularly go to.

I visited Twitter HQ in London, only a short distance from work, and didn’t think I’d get so much out of a meeting.

Twitter is something you can make your own. You are free to share, express and simply be yourself.

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